Coal Testing & inspection

CITA Energy Services is an independent laboratory and inspection agency that has served the global coal industry for over four decades. We provide accurate and independent testing services as well as comprehensive and reliable supervisory controls.

The Laboratory is located in Newport News, Virginia . It is staffed with an experienced and dedicated team of inspectors, lab technicians and chemists who are regularly re-trained and participate in courses to broaden their area of expertise.

At CITA ENERGY SERVICES we take continuous improvement very seriously and believe it is the key to success and adaptability in an ever changing market.

Our inspectors represent you on site to ensure that your cargo is loaded, sampled, prepared according to the international standard and the terms of your contract. CITA Energy Services offers 24/7 inspection services at all Hampton Roads terminals and most US and Canadian Ports. Our Sydney office offers inspection at all the major coal terminals.

Steven Van Liew , Chief Chemist
“Using our staff ‘s skill and
expertise, we strive to provide
a service that continually exceed our customers’ expectations”

The laboratory offers a wide range of analysis for Coal, Coke and other carbon based products. Our client base comprises buyers and sellers both for the power generation and steel industry. The state of the art equipment combined with the experience of our staff allows for on time production of impartial results.

The laboratory’s continuing performance is monitored through regular participation in proficiency testing. It allows us to validate our measurement methods, technical training, traceability of standards and uncertainty budgets.


Total Moisture Content (Single-Stage)ISO 589
Total Moisture Content (Two-Stage)ASTM D3302
Residual Moisture in coal ASTM 3173
Ash Content ASTM D3174
Volatile Matter Content ASTM D3175
Gross Calorific Value ASTM D5865
Net Calorific Value ASTM D5865
Total Sulfur Content ASTM D4239


Gieseler PlasticityASTM D2639
Dilatometry – Audibert-Arnu ASTM D 5515 & ISO 349
Dilatometry – RuhrISO 8264
Free Swelling Index ASTM D720
Oxidation TestASTM D5263
Hardgrove Grindability IndexASTM D409
Sieve AnalysisASTM D4749


Forms of Sulfur ASTM D2492
Total Carbon/ Hydrogen / Nitrogen Content ASTM D5373
Ash Fusion Temperature ASTM D1857
Proximate Analysis ASTM D3172
Ultimate Analysis ASTM D3176


Elemental Analyses
Major & Minor Element Oxides ASTM D6349
Alkalis (K2O/Na2O) and P2O5 ASTM D6349
Total Chlorine ASTM D4208
Total Fluorine ASTM D3761


Coke Reactivity Index and Coke Strength ASTM 5341